7 game mechanics that I want in Ghost of Tsushima


Disclaimer: This article was published in Portuguese back in December 2018, therefore some information from the introduction is out of date now, like the just announced release date and information about the Last of Us Part II. Oh boy, I was so wrong. Enjoy my rambling. 🙂


As a big fan of the warrior Samurai and Japanese culture itself, Ghost of Tsushima is obviously one of my most anticipated games. Unfortunately, there’s not even an announced release date and in my opinion, it’s in serious danger of being one of the games to be released along with the next Playstation, where rumour has it that we’re talking about 2020. I don’t believe the game will come out in 2019, especially with a new generation right before us. I strongly believe that Ghost of Tsushima is being made based on the new machine and that it will be released initially. Unfortunately, looks like The Last of US Part II might be “in the same boat”.

After Infamous Second Son, expectations are very high for Sucker Punch, but we all know it will be a world full of quality and life. However, and in the middle of the Christmas season, “I’m sending this letter” hoping to see the following mechanics make their appearance in the game. Let’s get down to business.


Decisions with major consequences

I sincerely hope this is mechanic that will be present in the game. In the long run, I want to feel that my decisions have had an impact, both on the main character and the world itself. There is nothing like a game that puts in your hands, the responsibility for what might happen in the future. That’s one of the reasons I tell people that video games are superior to cinematic experiences. Instead of watching events unfold, without any possibility of interaction or meddling, I want to decide what will happen!


Honour System

Although it may be related to the previous point, it deserves its own explanation. Many of us know that the most important thing to Samurai is his honor and his code – Bushido. It would be important if there was an honor system, which would go up or down, according to our actions in the world. Therefore, I would like that honor to subsequently interfere with the way the world looks at us and offers us opportunities. Red Dead Redemption does this, so I don’t see why Ghost of Tsushima would ignore this feature.


Agriculture and Fishing life

We all know, or almost all, that the Japanese are very hard-working people and dedicated in what they do. Their agriculture life is no exception and, as in Yakuza Ishin, I would like to have this activity available to escape, for a brief moment, the intense samurai routine. Who knows, maybe gather food from the plantations to then be used in the creation of medicinal items, or even food to have with us. It wouldn’t be surprising if we could also do a bit of fishing because, after all, fish has always been one of the most important foods in Japanese cuisine and you can also see the activity to be mentioned in the first trailer.


Repair Weapons

How could it not be presente?! It would be perfectly normal to see this mechanic in the game, or it wouldn’t be the famous katana, one of the most famous weapons in the world. There is a whole culture and technique behind the creation of the famous Japanese sword, a procedure that has already been given importance in movies like Kill Bill or The Last Samurai. It wouldn’t be at all unreasonable if this was a necessity in the game and we had to deal with our weapons. I want to point out that I am only focusing on their maintenance because I do not even question the fact that we cannot create them. I think that’s imperative. Whether it’s simple or more complex, I want this mechanics in the game.


Volcanic Activity

Japan has over a hundred active volcanoes, so I think it would fit the game perfectly. Given that it takes place on an island, which are often created through volcanic activity in the sea, it could be something to implement. How would it work? At certain times, we could have volcanic activity to the point where there is lava coming down the slopes, leaving a trail of destruction in certain places. I know it is something more relative and perhaps difficult to apply in the world, unless the area could rejuvenate in a short time. Ultimately, it could be applied in an off-limit zone to the player, although I have the idea that it will be possible to play on the whole map, taking into account that it is an island.


Fire propagation

In the first trailer, we can see some houses on fire. Like in some other videogames, I would like to see the fire propagation system implemented here burning houses and fields. It would be interesting if we could even use fire to cause panic in a possible attack and also as a decoy, so we could attack in a more stealth way. (Ghost…)



I want the game to transport us through the various seasons, providing different visual experiences in all of them. Obviously in the spring, the highlight goes to the cherry blossoms. I want to see the fields full of them, resulting in a perfect scenery to live the game, or wouldn’t this be, one of the most awaited moments every year by the Japanese. In the summer, I want to hear the characteristic sound of cicadas, always present in many Japanese movies and series. And for those who watch anime, you know exactly what I’m talking about. As someone who’s been in Japan, I can assure you that the sound is just like we see in movies and anime. Moving to autumn, we can clearly have the trees with the various classic and vivid tones just before the leaves start to fall. This is a time of year when the beauty of the Japanese scenery once again deserves to be highlighted in a game like this. When winter comes, I want to see the whole landscape covered in white and the marks on the ground left by our passage, whether on foot, horseback or after a fight.


All these mechanics may enrich exponentially the experience. I have no doubt that the final product that will reach our hands, will be one of the best games ever, but if we can see some of these things included, I’ll be grateful and certainly not the only one.

And you, would you like to see something specific in the game?



Autor: Pedro Simões

Um apaixonado por videojogos e apreciador de anime. Por vezes, possuidor de opiniões pouco populares.

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