Uzumaki – Manga Review



This is a new segment I want to start writing about. I hope I can keep some consistency in this kind of content, but as time does not permit everything, we will see how it goes.

It was during December 2019 that I finished reading Uzumaki (not to be confused with Naruto…), a very well-known manga by Junji Ito. His work is very horror focused and this was his first work that I had the opportunity to read. Uzumaki is a story with horror outlines (of course) and focused on spirals. At first glance, this may seem absurd and even led me to wonder how this form could serve as a basis for an horror and curse story. The truth is, it works perfectly. The spiral exists in many more physical goods, and not only, than we can imagine.


Kurouzu-cho, a small coastal town in Japan, is cursed with spirals. The story has as main characters Kirie Goshima and Suichi Saito. It all starts with Suichi’s father and his interest in… everything spiral-shaped. His obsession leads him to stare at such shapes for hours on end. This obsession is taken to extremes and something happens. From here, the curse begins to gain strength and a series of all related events begins. It is not convenient to tell much more, because it gets a bit complicated not to make some spoils of the story. Let’s say I was happy with the ending and surprised with part of the outcome.

During the twenty chapters of Uzumaki, plus an extra one, I was always interested in what would happen next. There were never any dead moments and most of the chapters tell different situations related to the cursed form. Artwork manages to convey the feeling of suspense and terror, with a very old school drawing style, or we weren’t talking about a work from the late 90s. For the more visually sensitive, there are some more disturbing images with small details that end up making the drawing even more real and uncomfortable.




This book is available in a deluxe version, with a hard cover, and brings the three volumes together in just one book. The version I have is in English and distributed by Viz Media. Unfortunately, there is not a Portuguese version of Portugal, although there is a Brazilian version edited by Devir, but it is not distributed here.

Although I’m not a fan of terror, I liked what I read and saw. I know a few more names of Junji Ito’s work and, most probably, I’ll get another work of his to compare with Uzumaki. This manga is already twenty years old, but its quality is undeniable. In short, I strongly advise you to read these six hundred pages full of cursed spirals.



Autor: Pedro Simões

Um apaixonado por videojogos e apreciador de anime. Por vezes, possuidor de opiniões pouco populares.

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