KEO – Never Ending Questions



I decided to challenge Marco Bettencourt, CEO of RedCatPig Studio. I asked him to answer some questions as directly and objectively as possible. The idea was to try to squeeze out as much information as possible about KEO, while testing Marco’s patience with certain tricky questions. 🙂

I hope you like this format and that you can learn more about the game.



– What does KEO mean?

Initially KEO had a meaning, but we were advised not to use it for communication reasons. However, the name was so well accepted by both the team and the community, that we decided to keep it and created a backstory to support it.
– Is it a game totally focused on multiplayer?

When it’s released, yes.


– No single player at all?

Not at the moment.


– Will there be an open beta?

We can’t confirm any information on betas yet.


– Whoever makes a pre-order, gets a key ring with a miniature KEO car?



– Any circuit based on a real location?

Not at the moment.


– How many tracks will the game have?

When it’s released, you’ll have at least 3 maps with different game modes.


– Are DLC’s planned?



– With circuits?



– Cars?



– Are you gonna have microtransactions?



– Are all the maps daytime?



– Are they always in open places or are there some in enclosed spaces?





– How many cars will the game have?

When released, the game will have nine vehicles.


– Do they have different specifications?

Yes, they have different classes.


– Can you modify them performance-wise?

There are several add-ons that make that possible.


– And visually?

Yes. Several cosmetic options will be available.


– Does each car have a specific weapon or can you change it?

You can change it.


– Do battles have a time limit?

Depending on the game mode, yes, and it will be customizable.


– How many players can play simultaneously?

Pallets (using technical nomenclature). For dummies, ten players simultaneously for now.


– Are there cats in the arenas?

The animal protection organizations don’t let them.


– And pigs?



– Do arenas have secret shortcuts?

It’s a secret.


– How secret are they?



– Is there a football in the middle of some arena?



– Is there a spectator mode?

To be confirmed.


– Are there team modes or is it free-for-all?

There are team modes.


– How many game modes?

Initially three.


– What’s the studio’s favorite?

Impossible! 🙂




– Is it possible to vote on the map to play?

To be confirmed.


– Are we penalized if we quit in the middle of a match?

To be confirmed.


– Is it possible to blow out the opponent’s tire?



– Can you fix a car in the middle of a match?

You can regenerate your health bar, with pick-ups or support modules.


– Through a power-up scattered around the arena?

Yes, for example.


– Is there a power-up that destroys all the opponents at once?



– And one that turns them into cats and pigs?

Impossible, we already tried.


– When you win a match, what do you get?

XP and currency.


– Is there a level system?



– What do we get when we level up?

The possibility to always play balanced matches.


– Is there content to unlock as you progress?

No. The content is gained with XP.


– Have you decided on the game’s achievements?

We can’t reveal the achievements list.


– Will there be one to win 1000 games?



– Is it possible to ride on two wheels?

Depends on how good you are…


– And flying?

Depending on the jump, yes. You’ll even get to see your house.


– I saw Bryan Freitas with a T-shirt from the game. Can you buy one? But not his!

To be confirmed… 😉


– But what if I ask for one to be offered?

If you ask nicely, then yes, but you have to come to the studio…


– Will there be game merchandise?

It’s a possibility.


– What exactly?

Sorry… Surprise.


– Can we expect KEO’s presence in Esports competitions?

To be confirmed.


– Will the game be available in physical or digital format only?

To be confirmed.


– It comes out in 2020, right?

We’re working on it, I mean… not now, we’re answering FIVE PAGES FULL OF QUESTIONS!


– Will we meet in an online arena?

Absolutely. We set up an in-game interview.


– Do you use any expression to finish a conversation? 🙂

I have to go over there and be right back.



Autor: Pedro Simões

Um apaixonado por videojogos e apreciador de anime. Por vezes, possuidor de opiniões pouco populares.

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