My 8 Favorite Zombie Games



As Resident Evil 3’s remake is about to be released, I found myself wondering what my favorite zombie games would be. Before I start, I just want to leave a little mention for World War Z and the Call of Duty Zombies mode, both good titles too. Feel free to post yours in the comments section below. 🙂



Days Gone


Despite a campaign bigger than necessary, there is no denying that the world of Days Gone is very well designed and the danger lurks full-time. The map is big enough to offer completely distinct zones, which gives the world an even more unique personality. Best of all? Surviving the zombie apocalypse as we travel by motorcycle.



Dead Rising 2


Of the all the games in the series, it was perhaps Dead Rising 2 that I did enjoy the most. As you might expect, the highlight of this game is the possibility to combine several types of items, from which result crazy weapons to face the extensive hordes of zombies.



Left 4 Dead 2


Left 4 Dead 2 is still a great game to play with friends. The maps are extensive and the special zombies were ruthless enough to, within seconds, create panic in the middle of the group of survivors. Unfortunately, like many other Valve titles, this series stopped on the second title and should certainly remain so. At most, we will have a VR game…



Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare


The Red Dead Redemption DLC Undead Nightmare did very well in recreating the famous zombie apocalypse. It had a good single-player campaign and a fun multiplayer to play with friends. Oh Rockstar, how much I miss this time when you used to release single-player DLC…



Resident Evil 2 (2019)


A remake of high quality and visually impressive. It never felt better to walk the halls of the famous Raccoon City Police Building. OK, I can’t help but mention the terrifying Mr X and the panic moments he caused me during the adventure. Looks like Nemesis is gonna be even worse…



State of Decay 2


What I like most about State of Decay is that we can create a base with different types of infrastructure. I also want to highlight the recruitment of survivors for our camp and the obligation to seek supplies so that our community can survive. When we leave the base to go look for supplies, there is a constant danger of one of our characters dying, because death is permanent.



The Last of Us


Yes, I know Clickers aren’t zombies, but these are also far from the focus of The Last of Us. The apocalypse theme is what makes this game stand out on this list, but not only. Their narrative is one of the best ever made in video games and incredible development of the characters, made them two very dear names to the audience.



The Walking Dead


Actually, I don’t consider this a game about zombies. Obviously that’s the theme, but it’s the relationships between people that have brought this series to such a special level. For me, it’s the development of certain characters, like Clementine, who make this a game not to be missed. Our choices have consequences and there’s no way to predict which is the best decision to make.

Autor: Pedro Simões

Um apaixonado por videojogos e apreciador de anime. Por vezes, possuidor de opiniões pouco populares.

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