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For The Warp launches tomorrow in early access. In case you don’t know the game yet, or want to know a little more about it, this article might help you. I asked Gonçalo Monteiro, the developer responsible for the game, to answer several questions related to the title, but not only. Get ready for some surprising revelations! Apparently, we are not alone in the Universe!! 😁

I hope you enjoy the following intergalactic conversation.



– How did the name For The Warp come about?

I wanted the name to be a three-letter acronym. WTF was very aggressive, so I chose FTW which is known as “For The Win” but in this case, using Warp which is the goal of the game, to reach the Warp Gate. It also turns out to be a reference to another title that served as inspiration, FTL.


– Could it have been For The Wrap?

If it was a cooking co-op, where you fight against time to make Wraps recipes, I think it would have been a great name.


– What happens when we get to the last warp gate?

There’ll always be a final boss waiting for you in a Warp Gate, and in this case, the last one gives access to the pan-human systems. That is, you arrive in civilized and secure space, where you can sell your highly illegal merchandise for an exorbitant price and secure your retirement…




– How many ships can you control in the game?

At the moment, there are two ships and a third will be available very soon. The objective is that at the end of the early access, there are at least 5 ships for the player to control.


– What differs between them?

Besides the visual, the initial deck of cards is different, as well as the capacity of the armor, shields and equipment. The third ship is a kind of aircraft carrier, i.e. the only offensive capability is to launch drones, and uses cards around that game mechanic.


– Can we change their visuals?

It’s not in the plans, we can only unlock different ships. However, as the ships receive damage, they certainly get another ‘visual’.


– Is the map always the same shape?

It is always the same grid 12 by 8, but the positioning of events, enemies and obstacles is random. However this may change in the coming months as secret systems will be added.


– How secret are these systems?

The access points will be well hidden, or unlocked through some challenges. It’s something still to be studied.




– How many zones do we have to overcome to finish the game?

There will always be 5 systems by the end. For now, the progression is linear, but there will be alternative paths that will be implemented during the early access phase


– Is there a great disparity of difficulty between them?

Yes, as we reach the final systems, the difficulty will increase considerably.


– How many game modes will you have?

After we finish the game, the ‘hardcore’ mode will be unlocked, with greater difficulty. Other modes are in the plans and will be revealed later on.


– Will it be possible to get sucked into the void?

The ship you control already ‘sails into the void’, but if it explodes, then all the crew will be sucked into the void. 😉




– I love the game music. How many songs is the soundtrack composed for?

6 songs and some more variations of the main theme, but more songs will be added in the coming months.


– Will there be a bundle with the game and the soundtrack?

I haven’t thought about it much, but probably yes. I’m sure you can buy the soundtrack separately as soon as it’s available.


– Is there a card limit in our inventory?



– How many cards does the game currently have?

80 cards and 15 equipment


– Every time we start a game, are the cards always the same?

The specific starter deck of your ship is always the same, but right at the beginning of the game, you have access to a market where you can buy more cards and equipment.


– The cards we win in one playthrough don’t make it through to others, right?

That’s right. If you lose the game, you start all over again, hence the roguelike/roguelite. You can only unlock new ships by reaching certain goals, but these can only be played in different playthroughs.




– Is there a card that destroys all enemies in a single move?

Not directly, but there are cards that do damage to all enemies, and if they are weak or already badly damaged, then yes.


– What about a card that makes enemies give up the battle?

Yes, there is a card called ‘bribe’ where you can bribe a ship to give up the fight, in exchange for money…


– Is it possible to make an enemy an ally during a battle?

Not right now, but it will be an interesting idea to explore in the future.


– Is there a card that could harm us?

There’s always the whole question of risk and return. Some letters can harm us, but they always give something in return. It’s all about finding a good balance in the set of cards we have.


– How likely is it that the enemy will steal our cards?

The enemy can force us to discard cards, but never steal, until now…


– What about fuel?

The fuel serves to move us on the map and can also serve as a resource for some cards in the combat phase.


– If we run out of fuel, do we lose the game or does someone show up to save us?

A supply ship may appear to save us, or we may have to deal with enemy ships and try to survive…



– Space is infinite. Can you go to Namek?

No, Namek’s too far, it’d take 100 episodes to get there.


– What about LV-426?

Just LV-223.


– Surely we can go to Solaris, no?

Solaris is a Unix operating system, but the ship you use runs Windows!


– Is it possible to find the Death Star?



– What about Death?

Often and unexpectedly.


– Is there a ship based on a “real” ship?

Inspirations are taken from everywhere, from games, movies and science fiction artists of the ’70s and ’80s.


– What about a science fiction ship?

None in particular, but several influences, since Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica (2003), Cowboy Bebop or Jupiter Ascending.

In terms of ideas in general, there are lots of influences from science fiction authors like Iain M. Banks, Arthur C. Clarke or Peter F. Hamilton.


– Is there any chance we could take on EVA Unit 01?

No, but there is a space monster that is very similar to a Mech.


– And an Angel?

Considering the different aspects an Angel could have, I would say yes 😉


– Could Gendo Ikari be the villain behind the destruction of some Warp Gate?

It would certainly be some plan to achieve pan-human instrumentality.

It would put gigantic humanoids into the mix and teenagers with existential crises.




– Is there a Gundam in the game?

As in the answer given above, there is an enemy who has some Gundam inspirations.


– What are the chances of finding an Alien as an enemy?

It’s almost all aliens! With various shapes and forms.


– Could E.T. appear as an ally?

No, he’s back home already.


– Is this a space odyssey before or after 2001?

In the very distant future, in a galaxy far away.


– How does the game relate to the Stargate series?

The Warp Gates may have some similarities to a Stargate, but the original inspirations predate the series and film.


– How many unique enemies are there in the game?

Right now they’re on 19 different ships, but in terms of enemy combinations, there’s a lot more.


– The game will be released in early access. Can we expect more ships to control?

Yes, a third ship will be introduced very soon, for a total of at least 5.


– New cards?

Yes, at the moment there are 80 cards, and plans for it to reach a total of 120.


– New enemies?

Yes, several planned ideas.


– Microtransactions in the future?



– What’s the future of microtransactions?

For mobile games, microtransactions will continue, but I think the industry should regulate the use of microtransactions more, especially in games for under-18s.



– Will the game have merchandise?

It’s not in the plans, but you never know…


– It’s just that I love the looks of the game and I’d like to have something from it. Maybe to put it on the wall or on my desk. 😉

Maybe posters? I don’t know, I have to think about it…


– Will the game have any easter eggs?

Yes, it already has some obscure references, and more things will be introduced during early access.


– Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars for fun, Star Trek for ideas.


– Baby Yoda or BB-8?

BB-8! It’s faster…


– Favorite science-fiction movie?

Tough question, I’ve got several on top, but maybe Minority Report.


– Favorite sci-fi character?

Another tough question, maybe Spike Spiegel


– Are we alone in the Universe?



– What’s the best way to get out of a conversation?

I have to go, I have something to launch tomorrow…

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