Resident Evil 3 – Review


The Resident Evil series continues its remakes saga and the third title is the latest entry in these new productions. After the huge success of Resident Evil 2, the expectations for Resident Evil 3 were quite high and this could have its consequences. After finishing the game in “Standard” mode in just six hours, I came to the conclusion that it was not enough to satisfy me. However, looking back, I have nothing negative to say about the game.

Unlike some other titles in the series, Resident Evil 3 offers an experience with a greater focus on action, partially putting aside the horror aspect. That aspect that usually leaves us sitting on the edge of the couch (or any other edge…), always looking forward to being prepared for the next scare jump. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever been prepared and it was only about half a dozen times that I ended up jumping off the couch. Whether it was the Nemesis bursting through some walls, or the usual zombie stuffed into the locker, there was always that moment when I was caught off guard. In general, it was much less than I expected, but as I said before, this is an entry with a greater focus on action than actually inflicting fear on the player. For me, that’s not a problem at all although I understand who might be disappointed.




Speaking of Nemesis, it had a very similar approach to what we saw in Resident Evil 2, with Mr. X. The latter had a more frightening presence in the fact of constant persecution, but less terrifying in combat. On the other hand, Nemesis was absent from most of the game but when in combat, it turned out to be more challenging. His various forms involved new ways of approaching combat, and the confrontations in “boss fights” were quite interesting in most cases. Unfortunately, I got the feeling that his appearance was almost all linked to certain moments of the campaign, which took away the surprise factor, unlike Mr. X. Overall, it turned out to be less terrifying than I expected, but it didn’t turn out to be a disappointment.




When it comes to narrative, we play as Jill Valentine and our goal is to escape from Raccoon City, a town on the verge of being consumed by the zombie apocalypse, but not only that. During the adventure, we have the company of Carlos, an agent from another entity, to whom Jill has less positive feelings. Besides Jill Valentine, we also play with Carlos at a certain moment of the game. If Jill now has a move that allows us to dodge the zombies more easily, Carlos doesn’t stay behind and also has a trick up his sleeve, which allows him to immobilise them. When these moves are executed in a perfect timing, time slows down, allowing us to execute the zombies more easily, or escape if we prefer.




To help us in this always intense adventure, we have a huge arsenal at our disposal, including several pistols, knives, a shotgun, a machine gun, grenade launcher and rocket launcher. Once the game is over, we unlock a shop where we can spend some points earned for certain achievements. These achievements are associated with progress in the campaign and the way we kill zombies.

In terms of items to buy in the store, I want to highlight several types of weapons, more backpack space or various types of tools. Basically, when buying certain tools, you can start the game right away with these, such as the bolt cutters or lock pick, facilitating the adventure in various aspects. Unfortunately, this turns out to be the only real incentive to repeat the campaign. For now, the game has no New Game Plus and it doesn’t offer any other single-player mode. Obviously, the studio decided to complete the experience with the multiplayer Resident Evil Resistence.




Resident Evil Resistence consists of a 4 vs 1 mode, where we can play on the side of the survivors or Mastermind. Talking about the survivors, they need to complete certain objectives in order to advance to the next zone. Between the different areas, it is possible to buy health items, ammunition or weapons, in order to help with the mission. On the other hand, we are in the shoes of someone who tries to complicate the lives of the survivors as much as possible, placing different kinds of obstacles in their way. To begin with, we choose the types of zombies that appear in the game and can even control some them, incluíndo o Mr. X. We can also set traps, close doors, turn off lights, among many other options, which make this position much more fun than playing with the survivors.

There’s a level progress, where we unlock new abilities but, unfortunately, it’s not shared between the various characters. Each of the survivors has unique skills and this has an influence on how they play. As far as the maps are concerned, I found them good in terms of visual details but, at the same time, a bit tricky to move around in because the areas are mostly narrow. Unfortunately, I think Resistence could be better. There’s little variety in the objectives and the gameplay itself turns out not to be appealing enough to keep us hanging on for a while. The progress being associated with each character, and not on a general level, also leaves a bitter taste of pure grind. Still, I think with some future updates, this multiplayer mode can develop into something more interesting.



Visually, RE Engine continues to stand out and the scenarios are excellent. I loved the vivid colors on the billboards in the different stores, as well as all the details present within them. The light effects couldn’t have been better and there were several times when I felt almost in the dark in certain places. Obviously this helps in the immersion of the experience and that’s exactly what you want in a game like this, where danger lurks in every corner. As far as the audio is concerned, there’s a good voice acting, although I was hoping Nemesis would say “Staaaaars” just a few more times. You  know, that sound that left me so petrified when I played the title on the Dreamcast. In terms of soundtrack, I have nothing to point to, as it does the job in an exemplary way.

Resident Evil 3’s remake doesn’t fail at all in terms of quality. Despite a somewhat short campaign, but no less intense, we continue to get high quality remakes from Capcom. The question now is just one: What will be the next Remake?


positivo RE Engine remains impressive
positivo Nonstop action
positivo Nemesis is still fantastic (although he could have appeared more often)
positivo Store with items eases a second playthrough in higher difficulties

errado In single-player terms, it’s just the short campaign
errado RE Resistence has interesting ideas, but needs improvement


Release Date: 3 April 2020
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Genre: Action, Survival Horror
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4 and Xbox One

Review copy provided by Ecoplay (Playstation 4)

Autor: Pedro Simões

Um apaixonado por videojogos e apreciador de anime. Por vezes, possuidor de opiniões pouco populares.

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