5 games that I’d love to see a sequel



Nowadays, there is a huge offer of games for any platform. We live in a time when many of these platforms even offer free games consistently, so there is never a shortage of new products to consume.

HOWEVER, there are games that can’t be forgotten. These are titles that, in many cases, have their own unique brilliance and deserve a sequel. Most of the games that follow have not had the expected financial results or perhaps a good reception from the critics. Still, I’d love to see a sequel to the following names.






As soon as I saw WET reveal trailer, I knew I had to play such a stylish title. Who could deny the tons of fun by walking around with two guns and a sword, while performing stunts and eliminating anyone who got in our way? Although this was not a graphically spectacular title, it was his entire presentation that gave it a rather unique personality. From the visuals to the excellent music, WET was for me a great experience in the past generation. At the time, I played with a copy of the site I was working for, so I ended up never owning the game. I tried to get it digital, but it didn’t seem to be available around here. Anyway, all that’s left to do is wait for a miracle now.



Sleeping Dogs


For those who haven’t noticed, I recently talked about Sleeping Dogs here on the site, in an article dedicated exclusively to the game. A title that had its origins in the old True Crime series, but then went through several stages of production, ending in the game we all know.  Sleeping Dogs has an Asian open world that we rarely see these days in the market. The narrative is considerably good and so is the set of characters. Whether in this time line or any other, how good would it be to return to the city of Sleeping Dogs? A lot!



The Saboteur


Who doesn’t remember blowing up everything Nazi infrastructure in France? Probably very few people. But I remember it almost as if it were today. Almost! The game world was all covered in a dark tone, symbolism of Nazi oppression in French territory, and our goal was to blow up this German influence. Once the goal was accomplished, the zone gained color, symbolism of freedom. The world itself was not fantastic, but The Saboteur had a very unique painting, but it wasn’t strong enough to pull off a second painting.



Mad Max


Say what you say, I loved Mad Max. This is a game with a very unique setting and that makes it something special. I don’t know about you guys, but I loved driving at high speed through the desert while blowing up other enemy vehicles. The car combat was something of… explosive! The snoring of the car in the quiet desert and the big dangerous sandstorms are just some of the moments that remain alive in my memory. The combat was very good, but even more powerful was that shotgun!! Whoa! How good was to shoot the gun right at the enemy. I really liked the game and that’s probably why I got the Platinum trophy. I guess without a new movie, there’s no new game…





The last game on the list is easily the most successful in terms of sales. However, as I recall, Hidetaka Miyazaki mentioned several times that this will be a one-time product. Could this be bluff? Could Bloodborne 2 be a Playstation 5 release title? Could Bloodborne and Sekiro be two successful games that will never get a 2 in front of their names? Well, I might be talking about a “2”, but it could be something else. Bloodborne: Death Remains. Bloodborne: True Blood. Sekiro: Shadows Keep Dying. We could go on for the rest of the day. Or the night…

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Um apaixonado por videojogos e apreciador de anime. Por vezes, possuidor de opiniões pouco populares.

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